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The Swapon-Group Company established in the year 2018, its a Information Technology company. Click around and you'll find a variety of IT solutions. There are several solutions, that can help you get a clearer picture of implementation of ideas. If you have an idea, we are ready to make an appointment and work together to find a solution to your future plan. Check back often, because we're constantly adding new Services and Products. If you have a specific question or want more information, click on Contact, drop us an e-mail.

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thermal pasting

Thermal pasting process:
- Make sure your computer is turned off and unplug it
- Take off the computer side panel
- Pull up/Unscrew the CPU cooler
- Clean the old thermal paste from the CPU with a dry cloth
- Apply new thermal paste to the CPU
- Place back the cooler and screw in
- Put back the side panel
- Power on the computer and turn it on.
- Enjoy your refreshed PC :)